About Us

Inviting All, Loving All, Serving All…In Christ


Temple is church like you have never experienced it. We are a cross-cultural and cross-racial congregation that celebrates God’s gift of diversity in all aspects of worship. We have a traditional worship service with a liberal dose of contemporary music and an uncommonly casual atmosphere and an eclectic style all our own. Our church observes many special services, celebrations, and observances throughout the year. These include Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Christmas Eve and Holy Communion, which is celebrated once a month.

Children and Worship

We welcome children in worship so relax! God put the wiggle in children; don’t feel you have to control it in God’s house. We expect some noise! There is a Pray-Ground located at the front of the sanctuary for children – newborn through kindergarteners- and their parents and caregivers. For older children, we have a bag tree inside the street entrance to the church, with items to enjoy in the pew with their other family members. The “Kingdom Kids Time” is a special time for children (and sometimes adults!) to engage in worship on their level.

Mission & Ministry

Temple is a mission church called to do God’s work in our immediate neighborhood here in the Heights and within the larger community of Muskegon County. We live out our faith on a daily basis, engaging in the “tough” ministries that Matthew 25:35-37 requires of us and in which we strongly – and faithfully – believe. We are not isolated from our neighborhood, which is one of the most desperately impoverished and violent areas currently in the nation.

We purposely open our doors – both spiritually and literally – to those who land and sometimes sleep on our doorsteps, those who live next door, those who are invisible to much of the world but whom we see as our neighbors. We sincerely believe in the notion of God’s love for ALL people.

A man without a home finds a place to worship. A single mother struggling to get by finds a church family. Life partners looking for support find a shared community. A troubled youth in the inner city finds a way to get off the street.

Temple resides in an impoverished community – by choice, not by chance. Mission is our reason for being and, years ago, we made the choice to stay and serve. As a result, thousands of people come to our church every month to receive food, clothing, medical assistance, help and hope.


Pastor Jeff Bowman, Melissa Miller, Joe Krypel, Gayle Ingersoll, Jackie Fisher, Sally Jacobs.

Pastor Jeff Bowman

Gayle Ingersol

Joe Krypel

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